Understanding and Tolerance are Imperative for LOVE…to find LOVE

I had this in my head in the morning. But this bout of rheumatoid arthritis which makes my joint-pains act up once in a while, led me lovingly into a sweet sleep, and i sank like a stone in water. 🙂 For me, day-time siestas are much more enjoyable and satisfying.

So the small strike of lighting were two words; understanding and tolerance. The words came to my mind as I was watching this woman preach on TV. She is a very strong, determined-looking woman, I admire her. Rather, I admire all women like that; women who are strong, independent, and self-sufficient. She reminded me of a school teacher of mine. I am still in touch with her, through Facebook, this school teacher. She too is a preacher (teaches and preached the Bhagwad Gita), is a very strong woman, this school teacher.

So the woman on tv (Joyce Meyers) was talking to some other woman who was talking about her relationship with “Him”. And I was reminded of (some) people I have met, in life, who preach about this, or that, and want one to join them, or convert to whatever faith or belief-system they are preaching. And all I could hear in my head was, understanding and tolerance. The big wide roads that lead to peace. Peace for all…

It doesn’t matter what, or who, you have faith in, or even if you do not have faith in any “God-like” entity. What matters is that you are a good person. A person who is and tolerant. Cos’ it’s only then that you will truly know love, and attract love and hence propagate peace and harmony in this world.


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