Meditate regularly, for a happy, healthy life… :)

I haven’t been feeling particularly great today. I haven’t been feeling bad either. Yes, I did feel a slight low when I saw this sad (and not so great) movie ‘Aashiqui 2’ earlier in the day. Watching the sad, pathetic life of an addict (the protagonist is an alcoholic). And i felt that my life is not so different either. I have given up on everything and am now dependent on…nothing, and everything. I let everything happen, as it does…turning into a mere spectator. And i would’ve enjoyed that too, maybe i do, but sometimes my child’s thoughts (concerns) creep up, and so creep up related concerns, sometimes. It’s natural…

Thankfully, I remembered that I haven’t been meditating regularly of late. Regular meditation, sitting with the self, looking inside, some amount of breathing exercises, Pranayam, helps me be happy. It helps me “remember” that I am a mere spectator only if I choose to be, and if I do, then that is perfectly fine. But if I choose to be something else, I can be that also, and the good, loving, and caring Universe is going to bless that too.

Everything is fine; everything is beautiful, everything is perfect…just the way it is, or just the way you make it to be… 🙂


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