“This is NOT mine. Nothing is…” Now repeat after me…

Bah! This post has been sitting, fermenting, getting stale in my head since morning; and even now I am having to make myself put my thoughts down. That’s how much of a enjoy-doing-nothing kind of a person I have become. And being a chronic procrastinator is a cherry on the top.  🙂 Or maybe I am just enjoying this little break that magically fell into my lap. I needed it. So, thank you Universe… 🙂

I had some errands to run in the morning, and on my way back, as I was sitting in the bus, enjoying the late monsoon air, striking me very enjoyably in the slow-moving bus, I saw this couple. The two happy people were posing for a picture a friend of theirs was clicking. It seemed like a merry group of 5-6 friends, stopping by to have some ‘nariyal paani’ (coconut water) by the roadside.

And I thought that this is how we spend most of our lives; putting our hands (or arms) on (or around) “things” (or people) and claiming, ‘this is mine’. If only we would (or could) stop doing that. Esp., when it comes to people. If only we could stop claiming. Free ourselves, and others. If only we could travel light, through this world, this life. If only, we could. You know what, we can… 🙂

Good luck…I am with you…let’s travel light… 🙂


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