In God we trust!! ..Do we really?

We are a very “Godly” bunch of people; most Indians. Almost all, rather I should say many of us, believe in the divine, or some form of “it” or the other. Believe is too subtle a term; we live by the name of our respective Gods, Lords, or Gurus. So entwined are our lives, our daily, weekly, monthly, sometimes annual routines with the “Godly” rituals that missing even one of those routine rituals is unacceptable.

But we do not do it for Him, or Her, or them. We just do it for ourselves now. To tell ourselves that we have done our bit, dear whoever, ok bye now…see you next week, or day, or year, or month, or the next time I enter your temple. But we do not truly trust that presence, we do not have (total) faith.

How do we know we do not have total faith? This is how:

  • We worry and fret
  • We are restless, running around trying to get this done, or that done
  • We are ever concerned that things are not going as per we planned, and then feeling misrable about it
  • We make our own plans, our own ideas of how we should be and live as per that
  • We force our kids to do what they don’t want to do, just cos we think it’s best for them
  • …and thinking all sorts of negative things that burn our insides, body and soul…and the list goes on…


(If) you have faith, you (will) rest easy. πŸ™‚ You do not worry, as much. πŸ™‚ You (will) smile more.. πŸ™‚

Have faith, in the Universe, in God, any that makes you feel good, strong, and confident. If not God, or simply the Universe, then trust and have faith in yourself, your life. Trust that everything that happens DOES happen for the good. πŸ™‚ And you CAN smile through all that pain. It will end… πŸ™‚

It might help to think of the Universe as a huge conglomeration of various forms of (the same) energy. And you are bang in the middle of it all, connected, to everything, everyone.


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