Don’t fight, don’t struggle. Rest and relax..

If you are struggling, if you are fighting, stop, for just a while, and think. Why?

A lot of times we struggle to have something, to get something, or someone, or make something work our way. It is good to fight, and make things happen. But it is of utmost importance (to your own self, health, and sanity) that you realize when to stop.

There comes a time, when you need to realize that fighting, or struggling further is fruitless. It is important to realize that if it hasn’t happened yet, after all this fight and struggle, maybe it was never meant to happen. Maybe you are putting in too much effort, so much that instead of adding value to your efforts, it is now destroying what is good about you and around you.

Stop before it is too late. Stop, and relax. Believe in the Universe, believe in your God(s), believe in yourself. Have faith, and stop fighting, and struggling. That which is right, which is truly meant for you, will come to you, but only if you let it. You have to let go, to let it come.


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