About “Love” …

Love. Peace. Happiness. Quietness. Will lead you to a quiet understanding. An understanding of you, yourself, and that which is not you. In the vast emptiness. In this space of dark coolness. Your path will shine for you. Go, don’t go, doesn’t really matter. All is as it should be. Accept it, I say again, as many have before me. Accept it. Close your eyes. Take deep, satisfying breaths. And smile. 🙂

A smile will take you, can take you, where not many, or any, has gone before. The blessed land, or no land. Empty space, vast empty spaces, of peace, and tranquility. Where there is nothing else, but smiles.

Love, is not between two people. Never between two people. Love is everywhere. Kind of like your God element. It is not “between”, but all around. What two people have, is understanding, companionship. Two happy people.

Two not so very happy people; what they have “between” them is unreasonable expectations, tiring ties of bondage, stifling strangleholds on each other’s necks (not literally, though sometimes maybe), growth, and progression.

The coming together of two pure souls, two pure intentions, is always sans agenda. It’s a natural, smooth, effortless flow, that results in abundance of positivity, and a beautiful sweet understanding, adding value to both their lives, personalities, and environment. If that is not happening. If there is nothing but agitation and annoyance and frustration, then you are where you are NOT MEANT TO BE. Stop it. Let go. Move on. You are causing problems, for your own self (which is alright, you have a right to), and for the other person and those around (which is not alright, you have no right to). If you are not able to stop, get help.

If you are getting burned, it is a good idea to move your self away from the fire. Standing there and cursing the fire is not going to help much.


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