Why are we here? My sweet, sweet child, who gives a flying fish … please don’t.

That said, everyone’s here for different reasons. Reasons of their own, We all, each one of us, has an individual path to walk merrily on. And that is just what we need to do. Do! Yes. Not much think.

Also, there’s rarely one single “purpose”. Purposes, like directions, are many. Some destiny-centric, and some karma-centric. But nothing that will take you majorly away from your bigger, larger destiny, which is to just close your eyes, wherever you are, take a deep satisfying breath, relax, and let go. I am very serious. And thus, and only thus, your true purpose, if there is any, comes to you.

All you need to do is, keep faith, and be happy, and be at peace. Tranquil. Think only of having and keeping faith. Too much thinking, if you can’t control it and put to good use, can lead to mental agitation and/or anguish. That will take you far away from peace and the state of happiness and serenity. The state, always remember, is the state-of-being in which your true purpose (if any) will shine through. If not, then just sit back, and smile, and try and have fun… 🙂


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