Feeling displaced and disillusioned…

If you are feeling displaced and disillusioned, it could be your first steps towards self-realization. Maybe it was these feelings that moved ancient sages and they just got up, left everything and everyone behind, and walked away. These feeling could be the beginning of an inward journey, if you do decide to take it on. A subtle invitation to move away from everything you know, everything that provides you with comfort and makes you feel safe and secure. A move away from everything that is warm and familiar, and re-assuring. An invitation to shatter all illusions of safety, security, and seemingly ever-lasting abundance of “love” and care and being looked after; looked after by your family, so-called friends, maybe genuine friends, and/or other adoring fans.

Step out. Out of that shiny, golden circle. Move away, from “home”, or your “comfort-zone” (I feel like Dr Evil now :)). Move into the dark jungle. Into the unknown. Into the abyss. The abyss of not knowing, not seeing, not hearing, or bothering about where you are going; what you’re stepping into. (If it’s cow poo, so be it.) Where will it all lead? No destination, just a path, many, many dark jungle paths. Start walking… 🙂


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