Looking for a Guru?

Almost everyone, at some point in time, or life, searches for a Guru. Someone who shows you the way, takes your hand in her, or his, hands and leads you to the light. Someone you can talk to, connect with.

One (very) common thing that almost any Guru will tell you is that ‘God is within you’. For those of you who haven’t yet found a Guru, and are feeling lost, maybe helpless, know this, that if God is within you, then definitely so is the Guru.

The ‘Peace’ is right there, within you, within easy reach. Just sit down, make yourself comfortable, relax, let it go, relax all those muscles, close your eyes softly, take a deep breath and just let go. When I say let-go, I mean let it flow. If there is sound, let it come, flow in through you ears, let it go wherever it wants to. If there are thoughts, let them come in, open the flood gates, let them all rush in. But just try and not drown in the thoughts and be swept away. Do not be swept away, stay exactly where you are. Let the thoughts come, let them go. You just be. Eventually, your mind will relax, and go blank.

There are many techniques you can employ to sit and meditate like this. Do a Google search and search on YouTube. You will find abundant help.

Empower the Guru within you; God is not far behind.



3 thoughts on “Looking for a Guru?

    • talk, don’t talk; chat, don’t chat… 😛 🙂 we can chat…I can leave a hello at your email id, and you respond back… yep? 🙂 ..you called??

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