Being successful…

Being successful means different things for/to different people. For people who are deeply concerned about what others think of them, it involves doing, or being something that will outwardly and loudly say to them (the others, the “world”, or people of the world) that one is successful, or, impressing other people, like gaining material “success”, or fame etc. That is what is expected of most men, at least here in India. For people who are not concerned a lot about other people, being successful means achieving some level of a personal satisfaction and contentment. That is what is expected of women, at least here in India. That women are expected to be mostly just good daughters and then good wives, and then good mothers. Jaaney-anjaaney, women are shown, rather forced to tread upon, the path of spirituality, where it is important to do one’s duty (as a daughter, wife, or mother), deeply and devotedly, even if the father, husband, or kids are grade one a-holes, without the greed or desire of the fruits of one’s labor, or duty. Comes under the umbrella of ‘sewa’, but I think I have already talked about that.

I was talking about being successful, yes. So there are many times that I find myself in a place where I feel a need to explain that yes, I am successful, and how; when people that matter to me feel hurt, or worried about my life, or no-life. And although I would love to leave it at that, that look, I am smiling, I am happy, I am successful, so bye, I feel driven to try and explain to them how that might be correct (that I am “successful” indeed), because I wish for them to not worry and wonder.

Dear loved ones, (this) life is breath, breathing is life, each breath a miracle, each inhale and exhale a success. If you are truly living in the moment, like mommy taught you to, enjoying each moment, as it comes, and then letting it go, smiling, within, and with-out, then you are successful, each moment of the day, each day of the week…all days, of this life.

But ensure my darlings, that these smiles, these breaths of yours, are not costing anyone anything; money, pain, or any sort of emotional, material, or financial duress. Be, become, independent, emotionally, mentally, financially, and strong, spiritually. It will come, it definitely will. Trust the mother…this universe…Have faith, and be good, that is a big success. And then whatever you define or understand as success, will soon follow…


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