Stability. What it means, who defines it? You do. Like your religion (or non-), like your God, “stability” is a personal matter. Don’t let anyone else define it for you; be it your father, mother, brother, sister, or even friends. Don’t buy a house, if you don’t want to, just because your family expects you to, to satisfy themselves that you are stable. Don’t “settle down” in ways you wouldn’t want to, just so that your family will stop bothering you. Personal stability is not shown, it is not visible, not in a concrete house, not in a “good 9-5” job; you might be very stable, even if you have been “wandering” about, as some might put it, or, you might be very unstable, even though you have been in one place (“good 9-5” job, house, a society-defined-idea-of-a-family etc). Your stability is within you. If you are content, and satisfied within, deep-down, happy and confident about the decisions you have made, then don’t bother about what others might say to you, are saying to you. Be understanding of your family, or friend’s, show of concern and worry. Smile, hug them, and try and tell them that there’s nothing to worry about. But beyond that, know that there is nothing you can do. They will have to come to terms with it themselves. You can only do so much, do it, and then be at peace with it.

Reach for stability in the mind…not for show of stability outside…

Keep smiling!! 🙂


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