Sacred (animal) sex

A couple of times I came across this poster-like image on Facebook. Preaching how (not) to have sex. It says something about “intimate energy”, “intimacy at that level”, “aural energy of the other person”, “powerful connections”, “spiritual debris”, “confused aura” … and so it goes on.

My sweet darlings, if it itches, you scratch. It is that simple. Why complicate it? Scratch when it itches, where it itches, with whatever is at hand, with whomsoever might oblige to indulge you. At the end, be thankful, and grateful, as ever, as we all should be.

It is not the act that is sacred, or “dirty”, it is the intent. Just a look, or even a touch, can be sacred, or downright filthy. If there is clarity of intent, go ahead and do it. If you love the person, of course go ahead, don’t even think about it. If it’s just lust, then again, of course go ahead, don’t even think about it. But think about the consequences. If at all there is any sort of emotional confusion, then stay put and do not participate in anything that might further complicate things. Also, do not do it if you think/feel that the other person wants it. Take a deep breath and understand what is it that you want. If you do want to, if you wish for it, desire it like crazy, and if there is no apparent danger or complication involved (physical or emotional) then please, do go ahead.

The message (as seen on FB) further talks about “…the confused aura of someone who sleeps with multiple people…” Well, if your intent is clear, and you do not go into “it” with an agenda, then there is no confusion. Confusion comes in only if you are not sure of what you are doing, why you are doing it, and whether you want to do it or not. You might even end up miserable if you really want to do it, but don’t, just cos’ you read something silly like this on FBor some other place , or if your mommy told you not to do “bad things”. 🙂 Do listen to your mommy though, but listen to your own heart, your judgement too. This is for people who are mature enough to judge for themselves.

Just imagine the confused aura of someone who’d get emotionally “intimate” with multiple people when all they needed was a good…ahem…physical contact.

Relax! There is nothing wrong, or bad, or spiritually harming about having sex with more people than one, as long as you do not fall in the emotional quicksand of it all. If you are positive within, you will attract positive -ness.

Having said that, it is a good thing to be cautious. You keep scratching too hard, too long, you will end up injuring yourself. Like with everything else, this too is good if done in moderation; everyone has their own limits and capacities.

And if we talk about spiritual upliftment, then of course it’s best to just ignore the/an itch. And not just this itch, or desire. Try and resist giving in to any desire, be it food, entertainment, money, cars, anything. But if you are indulging in everything else like crazy but fear just sex, then it is a bit pointless. Try it, it’s not very hard, not just sexual urges, be it any sort of itch, just relax, take a deep breath and focus, focus on love, focus on the universe, and it will go, within minutes.

It’s funny how they talk about animal sex. Poor animals. It is us humans, and not animals who indulge in sexual activity for lust. For us humans, it is mostly a recreational practice. Animals do it for procreation. It is humans who kill because they want to. Animals do it only because, and if, they need to. It is animals who understand the sacredness of it, of it all…Let’s awaken the animal in us…


4 thoughts on “Sacred (animal) sex

  1. the confused aura.. its all perception i believe.. if there is no regret inside, who cares wht other thinks 🙂

    also, i like ur blog heading “Feeling down, confused, lost, or just wanna talk? Leave a comment here…we can talk… :)”

    so lets talk 🙂 🙂 what say? 🙂

  2. All experiences are wonderful, but as Socrates would say, ” moderation is key.” If one is an alcoholic indulging in all acts of all sorts.. it’s to learn the importance of the Divine and the body’s indulges to scratch every single “itch” is temporary over the Soul’s indulges to dive deep into the pool of spirituality & divine Love , and if we don’t.. Life will teach us until we conquer and beget compassion for all. If we are lusting, it’s a lesson of Life.. if we are moderating moderation, it’s a lesson of life.. why fret my pet, all are wonderful lessons which shape us into not who we are ..but who we are meant to be: Infinite Love.

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