Where is God! What is Love!

Do you believe in God? Do you not believe, in anything, at all?

I feel it is important; to believe. What you believe in, is not so much important. Believe in whatever makes you happy, in whatever gives you strength; it is better than not believing, is what I feel. Believe in yourself, believe in happiness (not happyness :P), believe that one day you will learn how to speak that language, that it’s in you to do it, and you will, when you truly will. “God” is whatever makes you happy, whatever gives you that strength, whatever works for you.

Some find that strength, and happiness, in a stone, or stone idle; some find it in the sky; some look for it (and find it) in and around trees (like me :)), and some within themselves, where it always is, always has been. For some it is eventually Love, that is God.

Where is God, is like asking ‘What is love’. Answers so easy, and yet so difficult.


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