Found this really old post in my “other” blog. Seems useful, so putting it here. 🙂

“People assume that eating right, meditating right, or some other discipline or spiritual path will lead to enlightenment. But what if enlightenment means recognizing that there is nothing to do, nowhere to go, and no one to become? What if the belief that we have some missing pieces is incorrect? What if we are already the person we are seeking to become? Being as we are, however we are, in each moment.” ~ Nithya Shanti

very true words by Nithya Shanti, this person I follow in facebook. but, there’s a catch, i feel, as always. it takes a lot, maybe a lot less if one just gives up (or in), to reach that state where you can enter each moment and say, hey, pass however you wish to pass. like nithya says, the moment, and living in it (though that little phrase has got a lot of content to it) is mostly what’s its all about. and the “effort” is all about reaching that state-of-being, which everyone cribs and whines is very hard. though it is the easiest thing ever; not that i’ve managed it; far from it :). (someone recently told me that my heart and my center, can’t remember which, or the heart center and some other center, are not aligned, or some such. and i said, o well, let me keep one of them happy and went and got some ice-cream. can’t seem to be able to do much else till the time divine helps drops like poop from the universe’s ass.) most times it’s just a realization. ummm…somewhat closely connected to instinct, the gut-feel. i know the words are all coming out wrong. well, let me puke them all out and see if there is some organization possible then. like when you learn how to ride a bicycle. initially, it seems strange, almost impossible how two slender wheels can stay upright. but once you learn to get that balance, it all becomes a part of your extended body. you just know when you sit on it then, and the balance comes.

in this world full of pretenses, we want to pretend too. we don’t want anyone to know, to think, that we can’t afford a car, a couch, a membership, that dress. we don’t want people to look at the oodles of fat and sneer and talk. who are those people, why does their opinion matter? this, this crazy horde starts at childhood, when kids want to have that toy because he/she also has it. maybe they see their parents doing the same and it gets ingrained in their heads that that is the only way you will succeed in life. by pretending, by following, by hording. and without that success there will be no happiness, no peace. only gloom and darkness. a lonely place where no one knows about you, your existence.

it is a lot of work; and then again, hardly any. peeling off the layers of dust that has been settling for centuries now, on our minds, our hearts, our psyches; and “realizing” the “self”, and then realizing that there isn’t any. some people kill themselves out of depression when they realize that it doesn’t really matter, that nothing matters, then why the hell. and then there are people who go, woohooo!! 🙂

that happiness is the key. it’s as simple as that. like love. it is the simplest thing in this world, yet, we humans manage to complicate it so much. so much that it’s ridiculous. love, is happiness, is god. who cares about enlightenment.

happiness is not an illusion. it’s rock solid. you are sitting with your back resting on it, crying your heart out. turn around, feel it, touch it, it will flow into you.

enlightenment is a much used and abused term. a lot like love. 🙂 love too seems so hard (sometimes it should be ;), but is so simple, to come, to give, to share, to misunderstand, and misuse. initially, determination helps. you just decide on certain behavioral patterns, that are you, that emit positiveness, for you and for those around, and then stick to those decisions, those behaviors. for example, something as simple as smiling, at everyone (no, you won’t look like a fool). not losing your temper easily–there are various strategies that you can follow. think of your days as a labyrinth. you have to find your way to happiness. make that your goal. finding happiness in a most economical, highly productive, most effective way. like how armies find the exact height from which a bomb is thrown so it causes maximum damage. you have to do the exact opposite.


4 thoughts on “Enlightenment

  1. Hi Jagdeep, stumbled upon this page by accident; through FB I think… Was feeling down today, so when I read what you had to write, that brightened me up. Thanks! I wanted to let you know that I felt “better” because of something that “you” took the time out to write for people like “me” who sometimes feel lost, disillusioned with life, and distraught. 🙂 Well, we all do at some point, don’t we?

    Sending love and regards,
    Manoj (hope you remember me…)

    • OMG Bokil … What ever do you mean by ‘hope you remember me’?? 😛 Itni buddhu hoon kya mien… 🙂 Glad my words were of help, that is why I write them. 🙂

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