You call this development? It’s not…

The ‘development’ that we see all around us today; the “modern” science and technology, the cities with their shine, the automobiles and flying planes, and all of this hustle-bustle. What has all this development got us? What? Has it been of any use to us at all, us as human race? It has just taken us further apart from each other, so so far away from our own selves. It has taken us away from simplicity, from humility, from everything that is good for us, nature, our own nature, our mother Earth. “God” gave us humans brains, or if you don’t wish to use the term God, let’s say that we got this opportunity, a great opportunity, a huge potential for development; spiritual development. And what did we do? We listened to nothing but our greed and got ourselves a lot of material development. Destroying ourselves, this planet, nature, everything. What have we done!?! We’ve come so far ahead, down the wrong path. _____________________________________________________________

On a different note, while grocery shopping, fill your cart with packaged goods and you’ll pay in thousands, the stuff will last for a few days, adding nothing of value to your health and well-being. On the other hand, fill your cart with fruits and vegetables and greens, these good things will last for more than a week, will do loads of good for your health and overall well-being, and will cost you only in hundreds. Good for your pocket, good for your health. Then, why…?? For…”taste”…your tongue? Seriously…? …and you call that development…huh…


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