Wishing you all a happy, joyous 2015 :)

wow…the new year, 2015, has started. i had been eagerly waiting for this day, jan 1. i had planned a couple of things for today. but all i did was sleep. 🙂 i ate and i slept. oh well, that’s great too.

this new year, i wish that everyone (including me) would be just a little more considerate, a little more thoughtful. i remember this one incident. eons back, i was sitting with two people; two very loved people. and one had recently chosen the path of spiritualism, discovering the importance of ‘me’, and ‘i’, and how it is important that to truly discover that ‘me’, that ‘i’, one needs to by/surpass other people’s expectations and focus on the ‘me’, the ‘i’; this was what he had begun preaching to one and all. the other person needed to go somewhere, and she requested that he came along. i remember that with some annoyance in his voice (or maybe i just felt it, the annoyance) he had said no to the request and yet again pressed upon the fact that he needed to be alone, and that he needed to first consider his needs over the needs of those around him, in order to reach greater spiritual heights. the girl just sat there, feeling sad cos she really wanted to go out with him. that pierced my heart, that forlorn look in her eyes. i should’ve told him this then, what i am expressing here now, that every now-and-then, forgetting that ‘me’, the ‘i’, and doing something for someone else is just going to give you that extra push into the realm of the enlightened.

and thus this wish for all of you my loved ones. be thoughtful, be considerate. if you see or meet someone that needs a friend, be their friend. it’s not like you need to spend hours on that activity, or even go out more often than you do; maybe they just need to talk with someone every once-in-a-while, or maybe they just need that assurance that they have a friend. go ahead, be a friend. or someone just needs a smile, or an understanding nod of approval. go ahead, give it, it might make their day, or week. even if you just have a 1000, and giving a 100 to someone might mean the world to them; go ahead, give them that 100; it’ll add tons to your good karma. 🙂

this year, go ahead and give… 🙂