Wake up Woman !!

I admire Nina Gupta. For she is one woman, who is her own person, an individual, a human being. It is rare for a woman to be that. For almost always, a woman is either someone’s daughter, and then someone’s wife. In some cultures, a woman is not even a person, a human-being; she is just someone to be suffered and dominated and hidden and used as a vessel to bear children and serve the man. The more “progressive” societies or cultures have not progressed much either; as far as development of a woman as a complete, independent individual goes; as far as “empowerment” of women goes. Women still tag themselves with their husband’s name. The more adventurous types retain their “maiden” names, but still hyphenate and let the husband’s name define them. I say that they have not progressed because they still need that support. Even though many of these women are financially independent, they need the support of the husband’s name to feel secure, emotionally secure, secure in this (man’s) society; although there are equal numbers of women here.

What’s in a name!?! A lot. Everything for some (women). They’d rather have the husband’s name, even though the husband may be absent from the marriage.

And that is why I get quizzical looks (lessor now, thankfully, than about 20 years back) when I mention the subject (to a woman) of giving their child their (last) name. And I give an equally quizzical look back. Many women are just bullied into naming their child what their husband’s or husband’s family want the little ones to be named; many don’t (won’t) even think about it, as, well, what?? What are you even talking about?

I don’t know Nina Gupta (personally). But what she did was, is, admirable; she is her own person, an individual. Something most women are not. She gave her child her name, and look sisters, she survived. As a matter of fact, she is doing just fine.

Wake up women, dear sisters, take what is yours, starting with your names, your identities. Don’t give up, do not give in.

Just FYI, I gave my child my name. This was one thing I was sure about since I was a little girl myself.