Are you following your Life Plan..?

Life plan may differ from life purpose. Purpose of all life, is to mingle. Mingle with everything, become nothing, become everything. In fulfilling that (higher) purpose, we follow our different, individual (life) plans. Having no plan, is also a good plan. As a matter of fact, if followed diligently, it might lead to fulfilling your life purpose. Coming back to life plans, the simplest plan to follow is, to be…to ‘be in the moment’. Such tremendously used and abused phrase, yet so, so ridiculously not-understood, rarely followed. That’s the thing, there is nothing to understand, but just ‘let go’. Ahahahahahahaha…I am full of clichés today. That letting go seems the hardest ever thing to do. We find it so extremely difficult that we even keep our butt-holes clinched so many times. Keep it relaxed. Learn to let go.

Just like sometimes when you visit a grocery-store to buy something specific and you end up buying so many other things but what you came for; in the same way you get so terribly distracted in your childhood years itself that you barely even remember, or feel or recall what makes you happy. Sticking to your life-plan makes you happy. That is why all the wise-people, ever, anywhere, advise you to do what makes you happy. But be careful to not do it against anybody’s else’s wishes; nothing that could land you in jail, or worse, in eternal debt of someone. Kidding. What truly makes you happy, takes you closer to (divine) joy, will/can never include harming anyone, or making anyone unhappy. By anyone I mean everyone, people and animals–life.

Be humble, be honest (to yourself foremost), and be happy, in this moment, every moment.

  1. Stop procrastinating. Get back to work.
  2. If you don’t have work, just sit and start meditating. Start with just sitting 2 mins a day, focussing on your breath. Make searching for information on (chakra) meditation make your work, and try them all.
  3. If you have work, assign hrs in the day to accomplish just that work alone, and nothing else.
  4. Keep sometime in the day, or the week to study and research more about your work so you keep getting better at it.
  5. Take time off for yourself. Spend some quality time with yourself in a beautiful, peaceful place, in nature, near water, or mountains.
  6. Smile, or force a smile on your face as often in the day as you can. This is one thing you can fake to eventually make.

4 thoughts on “Are you following your Life Plan..?

  1. Thanx for sharing such beautiful tips in a nutshell. Really inspiring. I would try to start meditating right from now. Starting with 2 mins a day.

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