Be glad…for even those tiny things… :)

I am going out on a small 4-day trip, and before leaving I would like to say this to all the people in the world.

Be glad !! There’s so, so, so much to be glad about… 🙂

I will be back and available on the 19th. Call me then.



I can help you clean your mess in life…

Life is messy. That is one big thing that makes life what it is; it is messy. Sometimes, it just so happens that the mess becomes so much and so bad that you wish that you could turn right back around and not look at all that clutter ever again. And what’s beautiful about life is, that you can. You can get out of that room, close the door, and never go there, if you so wish.

But after all, it is your house; where will you go. If you don’t take care of it, there will always be a really messy “room” of your life, lying unused and getting dirtier by the day. It will keep affecting the true potential of your life, not letting you feel free, be free, truly live your life.

Take one step at a time. Try and not look at all that mess as one big mountain of mess. Here is what you can do:

  1. Figure out which is the best time of the day for you; the time of day when you are most awake and alert and also in a comparatively good mood. In that best time of the day, get your best beverage, if you have one, and sit down with a paper and pen, or pencil. 
  2. Now close your eyes and focus. Focus on that mountain of mess. And then, as it comes to your mind, jot down all that is causing that mess, one point after another.
  3. From that list, start prioritising. You can either start with the easiest thing that you can deal with; for example, a habit you can modify to positively affect your life, though it can be anything else. Or, the one thing that is contributing greatly to all that mess; for example, a person, or it could be anything else.  You need to deal with that thing or person systematically.
  4. Now tell yourself, “This is my mess and I am responsible for it.” Try and say it with a smile on your face. With a smile, you can always fake it till you make it, so go ahead and smile even if you don’t feel it coming. 🙂 As you start taking ownership and responsibility, you will feel that you are slowly and gradually getting some clarity and some strength and some sense to deal with all that mess.
  5. Take a deep breath, keep calm, and slowly start towards cleaning up your life; one small thing at a time. It may take time, and some effort, but one day, soon, you’ll be rid of it all, all that mess that once was, and you will have nothing but a squeaky, clean, happy life.

I am a Hypnotherapist based in Delhi; if you wish, I can help you clean your mess. 


If you’ve seen the movie ‘Kung Fu Panda’, there’s a scene where Po’s dad explains to Po the secret to his successful ‘Secret Ingredient Soup’. The secret is that there is no secret ingredient. It’s just plain ol’ noodle soup. It’s the believing that it’s special that makes it so.

And so it is with us. We all have that spark; we all have that special “secret ingredient”. We just need to start believing in that fact, and in ourselves. 🙂

Are you following your Life Plan..?

Life plan may differ from life purpose. Purpose of all life, is to mingle. Mingle with everything, become nothing, become everything. In fulfilling that (higher) purpose, we follow our different, individual (life) plans. Having no plan, is also a good plan. As a matter of fact, if followed diligently, it might lead to fulfilling your life purpose. Coming back to life plans, the simplest plan to follow is, to be…to ‘be in the moment’. Such tremendously used and abused phrase, yet so, so ridiculously not-understood, rarely followed. That’s the thing, there is nothing to understand, but just ‘let go’. Ahahahahahahaha…I am full of clichĂ©s today. That letting go seems the hardest ever thing to do. We find it so extremely difficult that we even keep our butt-holes clinched so many times. Keep it relaxed. Learn to let go.

Just like sometimes when you visit a grocery-store to buy something specific and you end up buying so many other things but what you came for; in the same way you get so terribly distracted in your childhood years itself that you barely even remember, or feel or recall what makes you happy. Sticking to your life-plan makes you happy. That is why all the wise-people, ever, anywhere, advise you to do what makes you happy. But be careful to not do it against anybody’s else’s wishes; nothing that could land you in jail, or worse, in eternal debt of someone. Kidding. What truly makes you happy, takes you closer to (divine) joy, will/can never include harming anyone, or making anyone unhappy. By anyone I mean everyone, people and animals–life.

Be humble, be honest (to yourself foremost), and be happy, in this moment, every moment.

  1. Stop procrastinating. Get back to work.
  2. If you don’t have work, just sit and start meditating. Start with just sitting 2 mins a day, focussing on your breath. Make searching for information on (chakra) meditation make your work, and try them all.
  3. If you have work, assign hrs in the day to accomplish just that work alone, and nothing else.
  4. Keep sometime in the day, or the week to study and research more about your work so you keep getting better at it.
  5. Take time off for yourself. Spend some quality time with yourself in a beautiful, peaceful place, in nature, near water, or mountains.
  6. Smile, or force a smile on your face as often in the day as you can. This is one thing you can fake to eventually make.

Wake up Woman !!

I admire Nina Gupta. For she is one woman, who is her own person, an individual, a human being. It is rare for a woman to be that. For almost always, a woman is either someone’s daughter, and then someone’s wife. In some cultures, a woman is not even a person, a human-being; she is just someone to be suffered and dominated and hidden and used as a vessel to bear children and serve the man. The more “progressive” societies or cultures have not progressed much either; as far as development of a woman as a complete, independent individual goes; as far as “empowerment” of women goes. Women still tag themselves with their husband’s name. The more adventurous types retain their “maiden” names, but still hyphenate and let the husband’s name define them. I say that they have not progressed because they still need that support. Even though many of these women are financially independent, they need the support of the husband’s name to feel secure, emotionally secure, secure in this (man’s) society; although there are equal numbers of women here.

What’s in a name!?! A lot. Everything for some (women). They’d rather have the husband’s name, even though the husband may be absent from the marriage.

And that is why I get quizzical looks (lessor now, thankfully, than about 20 years back) when I mention the subject (to a woman) of giving their child their (last) name. And I give an equally quizzical look back. Many women are just bullied into naming their child what their husband’s or husband’s family want the little ones to be named; many don’t (won’t) even think about it, as, well, what?? What are you even talking about?

I don’t know Nina Gupta (personally). But what she did was, is, admirable; she is her own person, an individual. Something most women are not. She gave her child her name, and look sisters, she survived. As a matter of fact, she is doing just fine.

Wake up women, dear sisters, take what is yours, starting with your names, your identities. Don’t give up, do not give in.

Just FYI, I gave my child my name. This was one thing I was sure about since I was a little girl myself.

Wishing you all a happy, joyous 2015 :)

wow…the new year, 2015, has started. i had been eagerly waiting for this day, jan 1. i had planned a couple of things for today. but all i did was sleep. 🙂 i ate and i slept. oh well, that’s great too.

this new year, i wish that everyone (including me) would be just a little more considerate, a little more thoughtful. i remember this one incident. eons back, i was sitting with two people; two very loved people. and one had recently chosen the path of spiritualism, discovering the importance of ‘me’, and ‘i’, and how it is important that to truly discover that ‘me’, that ‘i’, one needs to by/surpass other people’s expectations and focus on the ‘me’, the ‘i’; this was what he had begun preaching to one and all. the other person needed to go somewhere, and she requested that he came along. i remember that with some annoyance in his voice (or maybe i just felt it, the annoyance) he had said no to the request and yet again pressed upon the fact that he needed to be alone, and that he needed to first consider his needs over the needs of those around him, in order to reach greater spiritual heights. the girl just sat there, feeling sad cos she really wanted to go out with him. that pierced my heart, that forlorn look in her eyes. i should’ve told him this then, what i am expressing here now, that every now-and-then, forgetting that ‘me’, the ‘i’, and doing something for someone else is just going to give you that extra push into the realm of the enlightened.

and thus this wish for all of you my loved ones. be thoughtful, be considerate. if you see or meet someone that needs a friend, be their friend. it’s not like you need to spend hours on that activity, or even go out more often than you do; maybe they just need to talk with someone every once-in-a-while, or maybe they just need that assurance that they have a friend. go ahead, be a friend. or someone just needs a smile, or an understanding nod of approval. go ahead, give it, it might make their day, or week. even if you just have a 1000, and giving a 100 to someone might mean the world to them; go ahead, give them that 100; it’ll add tons to your good karma. 🙂

this year, go ahead and give… 🙂